A downloadable Remnants

To access full screen, press F4.

Remnants is a Smash-like game where you and your opponent are fighting to survive. As the water rapidly rises and the land is slowly being flooded, you must fight for land to keep from drowning.

Remnants was created in GameMaker 2.0 for the Kansas State University 3rd Annual Game Jam.

Remnants allows you to experience the effects of flood waters throughout different cities with randomized maps and characters.

All art, music, and sound effects were custom made for the game using Asperite, FL Studio 12, and Finale.

The art was created in a way that allowed for level randomization as well as character color randomization.

The music was created so that it could be interactive with the game. The music will change as the game progresses. When a player is one point away from winning, the music will speed up and become more aggressive. When both players are one point away from winning, the music shifts drastically to tell the players that this is the last round.

Install instructions

To play in Full Screen press F4.


Remnants.zip 37 MB

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